This workshop  organized under the aegis of CNRS- GDR AMC2 and U. Toulouse 3 aims to gather experts of drying processes deepening our understanding of the processes at work. Most coatings are made by depositing a volatile liquid that contains dispersed colloidal particles or dissolved macromolecules. The liquid is then evaporated until a dry, possibly porous, film is obtained. Several basic problems take place at the different stages of a film deposition and evolution during the drying process. In particular, disequilibrium between liquid transport to the evaporation surface, and/or contact line can generate strong concentration gradient, the modification of the rheological properties of the system, and the occurrence of hydrodynamic. At the end of drying, a solid network is formed within the film, and the liquid is confined to pores within the network.

The scope of the workshop will be dedicated to experiments, modeling and theoretical approaches to cover aspects at both microscopic and macroscopic scales, from the fundamentals to the applications (cosmetic, forensics, artworks or as model experiments allowing quantitative access to phenomena which occurred over timescales inaccessible to humans).

The workshop format will consist of sessions of keynote lectures, shorter oral presentations followed by a discussant with complementary expertise. Participants will also complemented brainstorming and poster presentations about the puzzles discussed.



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